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Transformational Work and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Nadya Tierney
Transformational Work, Biodynamic, Craniosacral, Therapy, Nadya Tierney
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Nadya Tierney

Nadya was born in Siberia, Russia, where she delighted in the power of the land. She started formal training in ballet when she was three years old and hasn’t stopped dancing to connect with the powers of soulful expression and the forces of nature she absorbed from her homeland. Her love for the expressive arts naturally led to other healing modalities which she trained in to help set others free and aid them in claiming their optimum health and vitality. She has been trained in modalities such as shamanic work, family constellation therapy, transformational dance, breathwork, and many forms of clinical bodywork.

Having practiced for years as a massage therapist- specializing in working with pregnant women- Nadya encountered Craniosacral Work and was astounded by its simplicity and effectiveness in treating chronic pain- body and soul. She completed training as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and now offers a unique blend of earthy craniosacral stillness touch, transformational coaching imbued with Altai Shamanism, family constellation therapy, and clinical massage.

Craniosacral work penetrates to the core of accumulated trauma and stress.

It provides an experience of deep stillness and relaxation so that the muscles and nerves can repair, and the body can naturally regain vitality and balance. Craniosacral touch offers a safe, gentle, and powerful pathway to overcome chronic pain, psychosomatic conditions, mental blocks, and unconscious patterns based on family history which prevent the body and mind from making manifest what it is optimally capable of.

Nadya uniquely combines Craniosacral Work, family system repatterning, and various transformative technologies inspired by her homeland which is adjacent to the area of the earth where the word “Shaman” comes from: the Altai mountains of Siberia.