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Mentoring used to be the primary form of pretty much all learning and is currently a neglected form of transformative education. This is unfortunate because mentoring is profoundly effective for accelerating growth and development. Having a collaborator-teacher who mentors you in developing skills, awareness, and your individual talent gives a unique platform for being understood deeply as an individual. The robust foundation of understanding created by a mentoring relationship generates a tailor-made curriculum for each individual that can be found nowhere else. Leadership capacities, clinical skills, trauma resolution techniques, creative expression faculties, communication competencies, and therapeutic touch capabilities are just a sample of some of the domains that Somatic Doctor Mentoring can focus on for personal and professional development.
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Education is not the filling of a pail,
but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats

Brian has taught hands-on somatic therapy internationally since 2010. Since 1999 he has taught a wide range of somatic modalities including Yoga and breathwork, Bodywork, advanced facilitation/communication skills, conflict resolution, transformational dance, trauma resolution, anatomy and physiology, and Somatic Psychology. On this page you can click on the interview and teaching links to get a flavor for his style.

For mentoring, Brian offers one-on-one deep dive transformational mentoring and small classes (upon request) for those who would like to enhance their abilities to steward transformative process, learn or enhance transformational touch clinical skills, and navigate trauma sequelae. The mentoring process is catered individually to meet your needs, learning style, and emergent process. Some of the elements include the following:

  • Didactic education in neurobiology, anatomy, physiology and trauma resolution
  • Experiential anatomy exercises
  • Hands-on training in craniosacral stillness touch
  • Expressive arts inquiry
  • Leadership training
  • Archetypal Psychology, body reading, ritual arts, and imaginal facilitation
  • Therapeutic presence, therapeutic verbal skills
  • Personally tailored education plan (literature, study, intellectual and critical thinking development)


“Brian is an extraordinary teacher. He not only has a wealth of knowledge and experience, he also has a deep, diverse breadth of interests. His natural curiosity informs his teaching and brings everyone into the field of sharing their own particular gifts. Knowledge is good in a teacher, what is even better is understanding that without the heart, teaching doesn’t penetrate to the essential. Brian‘s natural kindness and caring compassion inhabits his curriculum. The final element in a great teacher is humor. Brian has a delightfully irreverent reverence. His classes are filled with laughter, learning and love.”

Clara and Hiraman of the Human Development Center

“Brian is an inspiring and thought-provoking teacher. His style is very easy to follow even when presenting new and challenging concepts, which often led to new insights about myself and really expanded my horizons for my work with clients. His diverse background really allows him to weave together ideas and theories from many fields into something that can be learned cognitively and experientially. I had a lot of fun in his classes as well because he holds a great container for both serious discussion as well as laughter and light-hearted conversation. In short, I highly recommend learning with Brian Tierney, he’s a wonderfully compassionate and knowledgeable human being with a great gift for teaching.”

Lisa Matthews, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Registered Nurse

“I have had the great pleasure of having Brian Tierney as both a teacher in the Biodynamic CranioSacral Program and as a practitioner for one on one BCST sessions. The depth of Brian’s knowledge, his compassion and presence have been hugely helpful to me as I moved through the layers of self-healing in the Biodynamic program. Brian’s skills as a therapist and teacher have inspired me and given me unique insights into both myself and my own role as a therapist. I highly recommend Brian as a teacher/mentor, and as a therapist for those who want to experience healing and self awareness at a profound level.”

Zabrina Barteaux, Holistic Health Practitioner and Equine Therapist

“I feel honored to learn the art and skill of biodynamic craniosacral therapy from Brian. He is able to distill down essential teachings of this subtle work into such articulate, eloquent and understandable language. He has an incredible fund of knowledge and also very finetuned perceptual ways of facilitating healing during craniosacral sessions. I very much appreciate his warmth, caring demeanor, and sense of humor in the classroom and in his practice.”

Naya, Psychiatrist

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