Online Video Consultations - Somatic Doctor Integrative therapies, Brian Tierney Ph.D., RCST, Licensed Psychologist. Somatic Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Work, Mentoring and Teaching
Online Video Consultations offer a virtual environment for the therapeutic relationship, allowing you to stay in the comfort of your own home or office. Video therapy is the wave of the future, giving remote access to those who cannot travel to the office of the therapist. It affords international therapeutic alliances, innovative therapeutic exploration, and logistical convenience.
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Online Video Consultations

In order to change what is, we need to give speech to what has been, to imagine what might be.


We are in a new era of therapy. The Coranvirus drove therapists and clients into radical internet dependency, demanding innovative ways of connecting therapeutically at a distance. As a result, there is a quiet revolution happening in therapy that supports long-distance contact, a revolution that will generate entirely new psychological paradigms and modalities over the next years. The shift in therapist perspectives due to the necessities of the time has created an online therapeutic environment that is virtual-positive, an environment fertile with opportunities to explore new frontiers of how therapy is done. It is an exciting time for therapists and clients to co-create effective relationships at a distance that support personal and collective change. Enhanced collaboration is just one important motif rising up at the cutting edges of innovative video therapy and the time is ripe for therapists and clients to team up and continue to imaginatively propagate new motifs in therapy that are responsive to the radical shifts on the planet.