Somatic Doctor Coaching

Behold! The body includes and is the meaning, the main concern — and includes and is the Soul; Whoever you are! How superb and how divine is your body, or any part of it.

~ Walt Whitman


Somatic refers to the living body— the foundation and origination of all our experiential potential— and it also refers to a process of “distilling and extracting” expressed in ancient Indo-Iranian healing rituals.

Somatic Doctor coaching involves therapeutic conversations — online or in person —  that champion the embodied distillation and extraction of your unique genius.

Conversations will clarify goals, elicit healing and transformation, and generate action steps for you to live your mission powerfully.

Work with the imagination, creative ritualizations, embodiment exercises, family system analysis, bodywork mentoring, and body education are just some of the possible methodologies used in Somatic Doctor Coaching.