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The Boundless Body is a podcast with Somatic Psychologist Brian Tierney, a multidisciplinary researcher, neuroscience professor, and psychotherapist in private practice.

Dr B does his interviews in the spirit of interdisciplinary inquiry and though he is a specialist in trauma resolution and bodymind therapies. This interests range widely from the sciences of molecular biology and embryology to archaeology, physics, sociology, and the expressive arts.

what can a body do?

Scientists, clinicians, artists, and philosophers are interviewed by Dr B with the intention of creating innovative ways of connecting ideas together for the delight and transformative learning of the audience.

The Boundless Body is a place to reflect on the simple and penetratingly complex question:

what can a body do?

Somatic psychology has a long history of articulating how bodies get bound and tangled up by social repression/oppression, trauma, and mental suffering, as well as an enduring interest about how bodies can be supported to unwind and break free from these thorny entanglements.

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what can

a body do?

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