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The Boundless Body is a podcast with Somatic Psychologist Brian Tierney, a multidisciplinary researcher, neuroscience professor, and psychotherapist in private practice.

Dr B does his interviews in the spirit of interdisciplinary inquiry and though he is a specialist in trauma resolution and bodymind therapies. This interests range widely from the sciences of molecular biology and embryology to archaeology, physics, sociology, and the expressive arts.

what can a body do?

Scientists, clinicians, artists, and philosophers are interviewed by Dr B with the intention of creating innovative ways of connecting ideas together for the delight and transformative learning of the audience.

The Boundless Body is a place to reflect on the simple and penetratingly complex question:

what can a body do?

Somatic psychology has a long history of articulating how bodies get bound and tangled up by social repression/oppression, trauma, and mental suffering, as well as an enduring interest about how bodies can be supported to unwind and break free from these thorny entanglements.

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David Bridel, an esteemed actor, educator and author describes the fascinating role of the clown in healing political fragmentation and trauma.

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Bridel delves into the rich historical context of clowning, and its profound significance in balancing the cosmos. Discover the paradoxical nature of the clown and how it challenges fixed identities through play and humor. David and Brian explore the evil clown archetype and the celebratory aspects of healing and rebirth. A humanitarian with a heart of gold, charm, and wit; David Bridel is one talented chap we had the honor to interview.

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what can

a body do?

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