Hi! I am Brian Tierney, a Somatic Psychologist. I specialize in helping you find freedom and vitality in your body and mind.

This site introduces Psychological and educational services that will catalyze your capacity to be resilient, vibrant, embodied, and creative.

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Dr. Brian Tierney is a trusted resource due to his extensive knowledge of somatic psychology
and has been featured in publications such as:

Why work with Brian:

Change Fluidity

As a therapist and educator Brian can quickly and sensitively adjust to complexity by using a responsive mixture of directiveness, compassion, and insight.

Skilled at deciphering core obstacles

Brian is an efficient, articulate therapist who is skilled at case conceptualization, therapeutic perception, and structuring processes/activities that disentangle people from core barriers to change.

Unique blend of pragmatism and creativity

Brian brings a special kind of humour and creativity to therapy that lightens the intensity and supports the formulation and accomplishment of concrete goals.

Diversity of background and a strong response flexibility

Brian has a broad background of modalities and therapeutic/philosophical models that offer illuminating, flexible responses to difficult situations.

How Integrative Psychotherapy
can Help You

Integrative Psychotherapy is an eclectic blend of therapeutic maps and modalities that will forge an alliance with you to uncover your individual roadmap to therapeutic success. It helps you by flexibly addressing your unique needs and helping you to overcome your unique roadblocks. No therapy is one-size-fits-all and an integrative approach affords maximum flexibility in approach without a loss of the sensibility that there is a coherent logic guiding the practitioner and the therapeutic process.

How Integrative Education
can Help You

Integrative Education is the wave of the future insofar as it champions complexity in complex times. It can help you power up, get better results in your personal and professional relationships, and enhance your creative capacities to be a change agent in the world. An integrative model for education offers more than just the transmission of information, it helps you to craft articulations in therapy, in leadership, and in life that powerfully catalyze transformation and restore dynamic balance.

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    Somatic Psychotherapy and Trauma Resolution

    Couples Therapy

    Craft your Creative Love Crucible

    A Collaborative Couples Environment that Refurbishes the Architecture of Relating

    Couples Therapy is an integrative education in communication skills and a therapeutic environment that reforges the crucible of relational connection so that the couple can team up more effectively to produce optimal passion, creativity, and peace. Conflict resolution techniques, communication principles, and therapeutic processes are uniquely tailored to each couple for the actualization of their unique goals and the reignition of the generative passion at the heart of their relationship. Couples are supported in establishing a shared observation post such that they can see more clearly their differences, vision into mutual goals, and powerfully sunder the roadblocks in the way of manifesting their dream team together.

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